I'm writing an article on the Open Beta, and I'd love to hear your thoughts

  1. I enjoyed it gameplaywise, it is in dire need of both bigger maps and dedicated servers though.

  2. On the first day I had massive issues with mouse acceleration, input lag and low fps, these were resolves after an nvidia driver update though. Apart from that I had a lot of rubberbanding and packetloss issues because there were no dedicated servers.

  3. On the second day I played I encountered a lot of hackers, they were aimbotting and wallhacking. On the second day hackers were so frequent that I couldn't play a game without having at least one in the lobby.

I bookmarked the profiles of some of the hacker to see if they get banned or not, none of them got banned yet.

On the third day I encountered only 1 or 2 hackers, I don't know whether I was just lucky with the matchmaking or shg really did something to prevent hackers from playing.

  1. I have not played any of the last couple call of dutys, the last one I bought was black ops 2. The whole futuristic wallrunning superjumping thing is a bit too much for me. I just don't like it.

I think with the WWII setting and simple and easy to understand perks/classes the game is moving in a better direction.

For me CoD is a casual game to play in my sparetime, and it being an easy to understand run and gun game is a must for me.

  1. Definitely dedicated servers and bigger maps.

Getting a shit host and rubberbanding all over the place is annoying, having the packetloss or server lag icon light up all the time is annoying as well. The p2p host system is so bad

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