Are disabilities an automatic deal breaker for women?

Two of my best friends happened to marry hearing-impaired guys. (The friends do not know each other.) They are both obviously disabled; one doesn't really have an ear on one side and the other wears visible hearing aids and always looks at you when you talk.

What both these guys have in common is that they are nerdy, very smart, kind, very introverted, but generally sensitive and self-assured. They're the kind of guys who hang back and you don't really notice until like the third time you hang out with them, they bust out a sarcastic or unique observation that makes you realize they were paying great attention the whole time. (And then once you know them, they won't shut up.:)

What both girls have in common is that they are smart, kind, somewhat introverted, and selective. What I mean is that one was a serial monogamist with two boyfriends in her past and the other had never had a boyfriend. They're the type who know a good man when they see him, but neither was hitting the market hard.

In one case, she hardcore pursued him when they met through work. In the other case, he - courted? - her after meeting her on a study abroad group trip. Both matches took a little while to gain steam but once they were in, they were in.

**TL; DR: I don't think online is the right place for you. On okc, I'd guess 90% won't give you a chance, 7% will go on an awkward first date, and 3% will be specifically looking for a disabled person for whatever reason.

I think work, school, activities where people see the whole you and get to like that person might be better. You don't give off the vibe of a "numbers guy." You're gonna meet a girl or three, and one of them will simply be it.**

Good luck. I bet you'll find her.

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