Are you for or against the Brexit? Why?

We're the fifth biggest economy in the world, the financial capital of the planet, and the EU's biggest export market

Yes, because of the EU. The EU's market is the biggest market in the world, with the most human capital - which is the reason we're a financial hub with a huge economy - we have the market and human resources from the EU we otherwise wouldn't have ourselves.

If Mexico is capable of negotiating a free trade deal with the EU

As a bloc, we are better leveraged to achieve our wants through the voice of the EU. Things like the TTIP is because of the corruption of American corporations being in bed with British and EU politicians alike. We have the will to reject TTIP, and create good trade deals regardless of our in/out status.

We are one of the top three net contributors to the EU budget, meaning we get less from it than we put in.

Not always. Some years we contribute surplus money. Other years we are beneficiaries. However, there is the question though that, the EU is more likely to more efficiently use the money to invest in infrastructure such as regenerating towns and cities in the way that Westminster won't. So in the long run, it can be a net benefit. However, it's just speculation - there are no concrete studies either way as to whether who would be better with the money. It does indirectly flow back to us though, through increased trade if the other EU economies get bigger because of investment from our net contributions - ie: Poland.

Iceland a country of 300,000 people has a free trade deal with China

Yes, but they are drastically weaker and China has greater clout to achieve what they want.

EU's obsession with expansion is creating a more unstable world.

That is a valid point. The EU does seem to want to expand at all costs, and they're even considering Turkey!

The nature of the EU's protectionist customs union means we impose tariffs on goods from other areas of the world, which is morally questionable when you think of the impact it has on poorer countries like those in Africa which could thrive through increased trade.

This is geopolitics. We need to secure our own standard of living. We don't need to worry about Africa. Leave your social conscience at home. To me, it seems like a desperate attempt to call out the EU. And there's also the matter of food safety. I would only feel safe eating food grown in a market with stringent regulations such as the EU. I wouldn't eat food grown in Africa or China due to their lax regulations, poor environmental controls and toxic chemicals.

The EU is heading in one direction, and that is toward a federal Europe. The Euro is a disaster

No, it doesn't have to be. But the situation with the Euro is advantageous to Germany/France/Benelux at the moment, and there's little political will. Furthermore, the Euro will become more stable as Europe becomes more federalised - not a patchwork quilt of sovereign nations.

ruining the lives of its citizens, or stealing directly from their bank accounts

As someone with an Economics degree, let's just say that most people just have no conception of the reason for capital controls and how this is actually salvaging the best of a terrible situation that was entirely avoidable. This rhetoric just seems a little melodramatic for the sake of it.

The EU has a worrying distaste for democracy when it goes against the 'correct' result

For me, this is the biggest and most valid argument against the EU. There is little accountability and oversight - the EU has been known to be capricious. The system needs to be rehauled in that regard, but I trust the EU's intentions more than the Republican-lite UK government who are all in bed with each other and the corporations.

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