Why are pit bulls constantly being attacked because of their breed? Why can’t people see that any dog can be reactive despite the breed?

Are you referring to my comment about the atts score? Bc I'm unsure of the context here. Some breeds as defined by "pitbulls" were bred for dog fighting, I haven't disputed that. I have even agreed that some lines are genetically dog-aggressive. However, it doesn't bode well when breeds are bred to be dog aggressive, as it makes it difficult to breed them. As such, many lines are not by nature aggressive towards dogs. Do I think Aussies are more likely to bite (other dogs? People?) than pits? Not necessarily, no. I think there's some confusion over my comment as a whole, bc I was only talking about dog-on-dog aggression in one small part. I was largely talking about their behavior and temperament as it pertains to people, bc I assumed the pit haters OP spoke of were commenting about that.

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