Are there any Muslims here who are immigrants into Europe? What are your experiences with your new countries, what are the potential problems you have encountered, did you have problems with integration, or do you know someone who did, what do you think would help solve these problems etc.?

I won't attempt to discuss this in the broad sense because I honestly don't know enough to do that. However I'll share two incidents with people close to me:

I have a close hijab wearing family member, a smart engineer in a big software company in the US. One of the people working there was from a Scandinavian country. During a company pot luck, she started chatting with a bunch of them and answered a bunch of questions about the hijab and first impressions. One of the Americans was slightly embarrassed to say that he was very worried about offending her and hesitant to approach her at first with work related questions even though she was his senior, and was glad she took the initiative to joke around, break the ice and almost insist on discussing work stuff. Another guy, from Scandinavia (forgot which country) bluntly said that before coming to the US, he didn't know much about Muslims, would see women wearing the hijab, didn't understand it, didn't like it, and preferred not to work with them. He did say that being in the US with so many different nationalities and cultures (especially in engineering companies), has changed much of his outlook. I wouldn't generalize, but I thought it was interesting how both people were a little ignorant, but one came from a place being unsure how to act, the other from a place of being dismissive.

Another incident was in Germany where another family member lives. She has a close Turkish friend who was married and had just had a baby. He was highly educated engineer with a doctoral degree, a good job, spoke accent free German, but an unfortunate very Turkish name. He was trying to find a larger home to rent for the new family. It took him months of living in a cramped 1 apartment before he was able to find someone will to rent a home to him because of his name, and it made him quite upset. He had to resort to putting Dr. Ing- on his call back name and applications to entice landlords to consider him, and have various German friends show up with him to the viewing to inspire confidence. My sister, who has a very middle eastern name and whose husband is German with a very German name, would always put his name whenever they had to rent anything, apply for certain good schools for the kids, etc and skip hers. Otherwise, they would get rejections. This from what I was told, was all too common.

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