Are the weapons you get from the Arena worth it? And if so any tips cause I suck at the Arena...

Typically, yes, they're fairly great weapons for most weapon classes.

Some tips about the arena:

Bring a 2nd competent player. The monster's health does not change whether you are playing solo or with another person.

Use everything they give you. Traps, tools, etc. Leave almost nothing un-expended.

You've got 9 faints, but a limited supply of max potions. Having a 100 max health will equate to a one hit kill on many of the monster. So treat every 'life' as if it was your last. This is an excellent time to learn attack patterns and times to dodge and times to attack.

If it forces you to use weapons you're unfamiliar with, take a good time to try them out elsewhere. Using a weapon you have no idea how to use it's going to end up badly.

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