Arsenio Hall politiely declines Uber's request to narc on his marijuana-loving driver

Exactly. I hate hearing the same thing on Reddit every time driving high is brought up. "Well my friend killed 3 people while he was driving high, so obviously everybody else driving high has the same problems!" I know I'm going to get downvoted and that's cool but I have driven high for 5 years and haven't so much as gotten a scratch on mine or anybody else's car. I drive just as safe as I do when I'm sober. Am I saying everybody should be driving around high? No. But Maybe we should be adults and have enough self control to not drive if we are too inebriated, and not blame it on weed if you decide to drive and fuck up. There have been plenty of times where I thought I would have trouble driving because I was too high. So I DIDNT DRIVE. Wow what a crazy concept right? And I'm sure somebody is going to say, "well I drive drunk just fine so should I be allowed to do that?" No you idiot you shouldn't. Trying to compare the effects of weed to alcohol is stupid. It's just not the same. If you can't handle driving under the influence of marijuana then you shouldn't, but telling others that they aren't able to function properly while they're high just because you, or your friend or whatever can't, is dumb. I don't smoke cigarettes, but if I do smoke one it will make me light headed and dizzy, and I know it would effect my ability to drive a car so I wouldn't try to. Am I going to go tell everybody else that they can't drive while they smoke cigarettes? Nope because I'm an adult who can handle myself and take responsibility for my actions. I'm not condoning driving under the influence of pot, but I'm sick of people comparing it to driving drunk. If you think being high is the same as being drunk then you've probably either never smoked weed in your life, or smoked it once and got too high your first time.

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