The art of watch making

It seems the point we're disagreeing on is "the perks of being rich"

You see my compass differs that yours in the objective of living. I think.

Education needs to plant in us the concept of "altruism". We must attain selflessness my friend, in certain circumstances that aren't yet met on our planet, I would totally justify spending that much on a watch. On ART.

When you go to bed knowing someone is out there (nay, the MAJORITY) is in a bad state, how can you justify such a purchase?!'

Please stop down voting me and explain to me.

You see, you say someone who buys 2 mill watch has multimillions, so relations differ. But there exists with that person other humans on the same planet, that are way way way poorer, not just financially.

I mean, everybody who has that amounts of money shouldn't aspire for better standards of watches, clothes, and transportation means. But rather of course getting himself a level of comfort, he earned it, BUT. NOT TO GET OVER THE LINE, is what I'm saying!

You should get a watch to tell you time, an expensive one as well BUT NOT TWO FUCKING MILLION MAN, that amount can make changes in our environment to humans...

In fact, multimillionaires should invest in the communities, build better infrastructures to provide a standard of living for the (majority) that is higher than the current one.

Build better schools, even aspire to build the best schools, invest in research and development to come up with the perfect education system to better our compasses and minds, instead of having lost youth joining these extremist motherfuckers looking for a sort of identity.

Slowly, if we do that, we raise our standards of living together. By the help of our billionares those who have been blessed with that much money!

We would reach golden levels of living, that alter our perceived aims in life from the increase of the shareholders' wealth, to something higher, something much more elegant and classy, something spiritual that echoes beyond this temporary materialistic world!

The rich will be a concept of richness in values and morals not money! The value of existent things will change in our minds from the things, to the meanings behind them!

My friends, what do you think will get you more value? This 2 million dollar watch, or going to a big orphanage and taking all the orphans there on a very nice trip, fully paid! Or an elderly home, taking them out, giving them a beautiful experience of life that will be stored in forms much more magical than materialistic forms. It will be emotional, it will be angelic!

Do you see what I mean?!!!!!!!!!

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