Australian has-been Celebrity horror stories. They say ‘never meet your heroes’. Which historical Australian Celebrity have you had the misfortune of meeting??? Bonus points for top quality yarns.

Molly Meldrum - As a small child I was at an event and tried touching his hat. The guy fucking lost it at me and had a massive shouting fit that made me start crying and crawl up into a ball on the ground. He made no attempt to apologise or anything. People just sorta looked at him all stunned and were like 'WTF dude?!? You just almost punch the crap out of a small child for touching your stupid hat!!! Yeah... maybe no more photos/signatures for us'.

Joanne Accom - I had NFI who she was and didn't really care... some arrogant shortie started giving me grief while I was in a customer service role. She did the whole 'do you know who I am?!?' skit and was a massive Karen, demanding that I put her onto my manager...etc. Later on my boss advised that she'd had some one hit wonder song during her teens but that I'd done the right thing. I was like 'fair enough' and moved on with my life.

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