The elephant in the room: Do boomers really think they’re going to sit back retire while we become indentured servants?

Working is not being an indentured servant. Your whole premise is wrong, but if you don’t want to work, earn, invest, save, retire…then you do you.

I am post Boomer officially, but worked for 30 years. I see kids 2-3 years into working that want to be at my level of wealth and status, without effort. If I made the kind of money kids are getting here in tech, I would have only had to work 10 (I was in a top 1% education/pay job and not anywhere near what that earns today).

Anyway, you can do what you want, but all the boomer assets will end up somewhere eventually and it can be you or someone else.

My best advice is to find out a need people will pay for and work for yourself if you can. Those are the wealth building jobs. They aren’t always fun or glamorous.

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