Authentic bwl guild drama

I am the OG fury warrior in my guild. Literally 4 warriors in the guild around the time I joined and 2 of them are tanks. 1 is the main tank and the GM.

Throughout our progress and eventual farm of MC, we picked up 2 more furies. They’re decent at the game and passionate like me.

I’ve been here for a long ass time and the only MC/Ony gear I have are Gutgore Ripper, Quick Strike band, Ony neck, and crown of destruction (cause no one else wanted it and it looks badass).

The 2 new furies (1 of which hit 60 and started raiding with us 3ish weeks ago) bothhave Deathbringer, Onslaught Girdle.

Between those two, they also have.. Core Hound tooth, Flameguard Guantlets, and Ony neck.

One of them has full T1 with pieces of T2 because he labeled himself off-tank.

Now I guess I have some good loot. 2 pure BiS including Ony neck. Gutgore isn’t bad, but I could use Lobotomizer just as easily and it would be like no difference.

I’m was using Thrash Blade as my main hand until 2 weeks ago when I got lucky in a random UBRS run and got Dal’s main hand (who the fury that joined 3 weeks ago also had before getting Deathbringner).


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