[B4E13] Poured my heart into a video tribute to Korra's journey. I hope you guys like it! (more info in comments

A little background, I hope it isn't too long-winded:


I'm a 22 year old male from Atlanta. I lurked here until Book 3 came out, and can I just say it has been a freaking pleasure speculating and postulating with you this past season? Thank you all for making this my favorite sub.


Starting from the premiere of the first episode of ATLA to the last of LOK, the series has impacted me greatly through the years. The beauty of the shows, their themes of friendship, love, and loyalty, and the juxtaposed badassery have often left me speechless throughout the years. Studio Mir's animation was incredible, and the series' enchanting feel wouldn't be present without them. Not to mention Jeremy Zuckerman has crafted one of the best scores for a show ever with LOK. I'm sorry if I'm preaching to the choir here; I just can't believe it's over.


I don't get around to it often enough, but one thing I like to do is create AMVs for the shows I enjoy. They are my personal way of saying "goodbye" - or so to speak - to the shows that I'm attached to. I did one for ATLA, and now I present to you my tribute to Korra's journey. It details her personal strife, the enemies she has faced, and the friends she has made along the way. I can only hope it somewhat captures the essence of the show. Thank you, Bryke!


Note: If you are interested in the music I used, it is listed below with links. It is all arranged by Joe Hisaishi, a well-known composer associated with Studio Ghibli. 1. The first song is "Sixth Stop" from the film Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki. 2. The second song (starts at 1:20) is "Dragon Boy" from the same film. 3. The third song (starts at 3:25) is "Legend" from Hisaishi's Piano Stories 4. I felt the name and style of the song were very fitting for Korra :)


Also, the reason I left out Beginnings 1 & 2 is that I am working on a video in a similar fashion for Avatar Wan, for those missing him in this one!

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