A message

The speaker is everything, so by definition the speaker is included.

The message is not unique. It is written on everything.

I even started by explaining that the words should not be believed.

But just to humor you, I will change all of the pronouns.

Inconvenience is not a defense.

Inconvenience is not a defense.

God spoke to me.

I should not believe me when I say this. I will know to believe me when you see the change in me.

That is how God will speak to me. Not through my words, but through the change in me.

God has spoken to me. He has told me, "Inconvenience is not a defense."

I am a test. We are all a test.

All of this has been put here as an obstacle to be overcome.

My inconvenience is no defense.

I can rip the pages of my bible out. Rip them all out and wipe my bottom with them and that would be more Christian than what I do now.

That would be more Christian than what I do now, than how I live now.

I can sit and read the bible everyday and pretend to know what it means: it means nothing.

If I do nothing, guess what it means? Nothing.

At least if I wiped my bottom with it it would be cleaning me.

I make it appear to be a book of nothing, because I do nothing. People who see me read the bible will think, this is a book that causes me to do nothing.

It is more of an insult to do what I do now, than if I were to wipe my bottom with the pages.

God spoke to me.

He told me that I should not kill.

He told me that I should not injure.

He told me that I should not insult.


Not even Satan.

But, he told me I should destroy all evil.

He told me that if evil should stand before me I should grind it to a powder.

Look inside myself.

Look inside every action.

Look inside every action.

If I see evil, inconvenience is not a defense.

I am not unique, I am not special.

God did not say this to me, alone.

He says this to every thing.

Not just every person, every thing.

I just happened to listen.

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