Batting averages of England's Test batsmen that were picked in the Ashes squad. I fear it isnt looking too good for them.

Maybe you understand how test cricket works. Bowling is what wins and loses test matches. It doesn't matter if you have world class batsmen, you won't win unless you have the bowling to take 20 wickets. NZ with all its amazing batters got thrashed brutally in Australia because they didn't have the bowling for those conditions.

Anderson doesn't have a bad record

Yeah, and he's 39. Bowling in Australia takes a huge physical toll. Either he'll play all 5 tests and be run into the ground or he'll have to be rested for a test or two and England field a weaker attack.

broad is broad

Averages 37 in Australia

robinson has had a good summer

Good luck winning in Australia with a guy who bowls 130 clicks. I'll eat my words if he averages less than 30 in the Ashes.

For the record, all 3 are amazing bowlers, but it is an ill equipped attack for Aussie conditions. With a fit Archer and Wood, I would have given England a fighting chance to win a test or two.

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