Began CS 3 weeks ago and I feel so fucking dumb

My guy I failed Physics 2 3 times (well not really, I had to leave school the first time and missed the last 2 months of classes and exams causing me to fail, and withdrew the second time). I kept trying and Aced it the 3rd time. Some of the stuff is hard, there’s gonna be people who breeze through it and people that struggle through it.

All through high school and before that I was often the smartest kid in my class when it came to math and science, like not studying or doing anything outside of classes but getting 100’s on everything on top of taking the hardest available classes.

Even with that said, even u was scratching my head at some of the stuff in discrete. It’s not a hard class, but some of the material can be hard to grasp at first, just muscle through it

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