Bethesda Creation Club just went live

Here's the thing. It's being classified as an official DLC from Bethesda but that's not the part that counts. Sony has their hand too much up their own buttox that they refuse to give any outside person access to their development kit so mods exist but no custom assets. Since Bethesda is allowing "creators" (yes that's what they are but Bethesda is calling them that soo) to submit mods with/without scripts or custom assets Bethesda takes the mod and compiles it into PS4 format. So PS4 should have custom assets with creation club. But it will still be a hindrance to the modding community as you have to have prerequisite mods that you've worked on uploaded to either or nexusmods which means even if you've made a spectacular mod but don't have any proof of work you'll have to upload that to a different site then creation club and you will also not be paid for it. Even if you disregard all of that you are now paying for custom assets and scripts. Something which has always been free on PC and is now free on Xbox One and beyond.

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