Bi Bros - Do any of you have a fluid preference? [NSFW]

Wall of text attempting to explain my sexuality ahead. Deal with it.

I'm bi. Very fluid. I'm romantically and sexually attracted to women, but I'm only sexually attracted to men. I don't see myself in a relationship with a man. But I've been in several relationships with women with various levels of gender-fuckery. And I like the occasional cock.

Attractive women get my blood boiling in that way that only our orientation can. I don't get the same rush with men. I can appreciate an attractive man, but I'm more attracted to femininity in general. Whether my partner or myself. CDs and trans-women get me going, but not in a masculine way. I enjoy crossdressing myself and I imagine myself as the girl when I watch trans porn. I'm the literal girl with men, but I can be a boy or a girl with women.

An example of my fluidity. I'm into BDSM. I've topped men, but in a sadistic whips and chains way at a public club. No fucking or fondling. I've tried to fuck guys but I couldn't get it up, despite him being very handsome. Maybe if it was a passing trap I could get it going. The same guy I topped, I invited him over when I was horny and feeling girly. I greeted him in a pink corset and panties, white stockings, a plug, a rope-chastity thing, and makeup to the T. Fun night. He fucked me good. That was the first time anyone had seen me dressed in 2 years, and the second guy. A week before that I was fucking a girl in the ass with her tied-up, choking her and spitting in her face. Summer of 2012 was awesome.

I've only done sissy play with one girl. It drove us apart. It was my first relationship in a BDSM context, which started out with me as the Dominant. We had a lot of great sex in that context. Lots of anal and ropes. But when I wore a white corset, panties, and stockings on a dare from her, the floodgates opened. I had x-dressed privately with other women's clothes here-and-there for a few years before her, but she gave me her clothes that looked good on me. I started to explore that side of my sexuality, and she was very supportive. We had a lot of great sex in that configuration, too. We sucked a cock together, which was amazing, and they double-teamed me, her with her strap-on. But she had gotten into a relationship with me as her Master, not a submissive sissy who was practically transitioning. One night, I waited for her at the door, dressed on all fours with her strap-on ready. She just walked past me with a look of derision. She cheated on me, which I should've seen coming. Frankly, if she'd have communicated with me better, I'd've almost been down with a cuckold thing.

I'm very confident in my masculine sexuality, maybe not as much my feminine side, but I've been wanting some dick lately. I'm typing this wearing pink panties, pink nail-polish, and a pink collar under my boy-clothes. But I also just got a very attractive woman's number a few days ago and I'm meeting up with her tomorrow night before she leaves town, know what I mean?

Even when I've been in other relationships with submissive women, I've dressed privately, and I usually undress right after I cum. But I've been feeling very girly lately, and I'm staying dressed afterwards more often. Cock comes and goes for me, and I'll always have a feminine side, but I enjoy and prefer pussy overall. I'm excited for my dates as a dude tomorrow, but I have to take off my pink nail polish :( Well, maybe just my fingers ;)

tl;dr I fuck women, men fuck me. Holes and poles in varying configurations. Wish I had a button to instantly switch genders.

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