Bike just got stolen... please give me a shout if you see it around town

Here's a story I've never told before. In 2014 my bike got stolen in the French quarter. I walked around and really shockingly found it locked to a pole a few blocks away, however, it had someone else's lock on it.

I found an NOPD officer and explained the situation. Oh I should add, my ex girlfriend (well she was my gf then) was with me. I asked him, did he have some bolt cutters? Could he help me recover my bike??

And he replied: "How do I know you're not trying to steal someone's bike by having me cut the lock off it?"

So officer look, I got pictures riding this bike. My girlfriend here can attest this is mine, I rode mine here and she rode hers. I have emails somewhere from when I bought the bike.

No way. He wasn't falling for it. Sorry.

So, I stood by the bike and the cop left and my girlfriend went to Home Depot and bought a big pair of bolt cutters then drove back and I freed it and repossessed my bike.

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