Bit of perspective for ya.

No it's just sad when growing up the norm was paying 60 bucks for a game. Now the regular price for a game is 70-80 dollars for unfinished products, and expected to pay another 20-60 dollars for the DLC.

People who spend their money on cosmetic items are just waiting their money and sure it's their right, but they don't have a right to not be critized for being stupid. Also, it incentovizes companies to pump out more DLC, and focus more on marketing tactics than making an actual fun and enjoyable game.

You used to be able to play a game and complete challenges, and show off your effort in game to other players and earn respect.

Now unlockable items are less valued because of the over saturation of really really lame cosmetic items and content.

I can give fortnite a pass because they make the game free to play and you can still choose to grind of you really care about what your character looks like. And that's the only way the game makes their money.

But when you have games that are switching to this format, it seriously sucks and only continues to happen because people are stupid with their money.

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