Which do you prefer living in: a house or condo (apartment) and why?

Late to the party, but I'll copy pasta an old post I made (tl;dr - I prefer apartments)

I have both owned a house and now rent an apartment. There are definitely things that I liked about owning a house, but there are also a lot of things that I prefer about renting an apartment:

Convenience and comfort:

No worries about repairs or any kind of maintenance. All I need to worry about is keeping the place clean. No grass to mow, weeds to remove, leaves to rake up, sidewalks to shovel, trash and recycling chutes instead of having specific days to take to the curb. It's just easier living in an apartment. Some of this does come down to rent vs. buy, but even rented houses seem to have a lot more headaches and things that can go wrong.

Not really convenience per se, but much lower HVAC bills since I'm climate-controlled on 5 sides.

Because of the layout and only having one side exposed to the outside, this also means only windows on one side. This means I have a lot more usable wall space where I can put furniture and stuff without blocking windows.

Pet policy means no loud dogs barking at all hours of the night. Most of the noise in my apartment is from outside through the windows (even closed) rather than through the walls from adjacent neighbors. Ironically, it is probably quieter in my apartment than what I'm used to living in a house. In addition to hearing neighbors' dogs when I lived in a house, I also heard a lot noise from lawn care, since my neighbors used their lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, during the evenings and weekends when they (as well as myself) were off work. The landscapers for the apartment do this stuff during normal business hours when I'm at work.


Fire sprinklers. No stairs to deal with (surprisingly common source of injuries). Not too worried about flooding since I'm not at ground level, or worried about weather phenomena in general when I'm indoors.


Controlled access building adds security, since an intruder wouldn't have direct access to my home from outside. Package deliveries are kept secure until I can retrieve them, so no package thieves.


If I change jobs or my job relocates across town, it is much easier for me to move if I don't want to get stuck with a long commute. I can also more easily deal with other changes, such as if I want to upsize or downsize.

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