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Bitcoin has already died 23 times. I should have more to add to this list very soon.

Bitcoin has already died 23 times. I should have more to add to this list very soon.

Bitcoin Will Crash To $10 By Mid-2014 →

Bitcoin is not a legitimate currency but simply a risky virtual commodity bet. . . . Bitcoin lacks the essential attributes that are needed to support a widely recognized transactional currency. If Bitcoin was allowed to proliferate as a currency it would produce greater economic uncertainty, reduced trade and lower individual standard of living.

December 13, 2013 Business Insider

damn you BI! I must've missed it while sleeping!

but then again, I feel ok after reading your astute prognostications

Bitcoin Is A Remarkable Innovation, Here’s Why It Will Fail →

In theory, bitcoin could become a lawful virtual currency if the bitcoin community gave up anonymity and therefore incorporated the identities of bitcoin senders and receivers as part of the currency.

Aah, o...hang on! woot? Are you seriously serious?

But that would eliminate the cash-like feature that makes bitcoin attractive and vastly decrease the demand for bitcoin.

What "cash like" feature does a 'virtual currency' have exactly? To quote the NY Magazine "You can’t seize a Bitcoin like you can seize a dollar, since it’s simply an alphanumeric string" ... well, you're half right about it being an alphanumeric string, but as for 'seizing' those 'hashes' ... just ask the FBI what they did with all the Btc they 'found' in SR wallets, or whoever just 'appropriated' 99% of Mt Gox's "alphanumeric strings"

and vastly decrease the demand for bitcoin.

It would/does/has done that? So why do people keep using them? Why would anyone want to steal 'useless' information? (i.e. hack a Btc wallet or fifty)

That does not seem like a viable path forward. . . . While I praise the sheer ingenuity of bitcoin and its payments innovation, it I should be buried for making such supercillious and facile comments about something I only pretend to know about

I'm really just trying to scare you away from using Btc (SOP of The Fed) becoz that's my job

Coz imma selfish cunt, who's working for Big Rupert who is a major shareholder in the CIA!

I have to follow orders or I won't get paid!

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