Bobby might return later

Bobby? Huh, I knew a kid at school named Bobby. Bit short, smelled funny, didn’t have many friends.

I remember he looked really sad and so I asked my mum if she’d arrange a playdate after school. Sure enough she did and I went round to his house one day. It turned out his family was really rich and he had lots of toys. We had loads of fun playing with his Beyblades. Bobby’s mum also made the best Dino Nuggets I have ever eaten.

As I was leaving, Bobby hugged me and said that evening was the most fun he ever had.

What’s strange is that I never saw Bobby after that playdate. Some kids at school said he got sick, others said his family moved out of state for work. Guess I’ll never really know the truth.

So long Bobby, and thanks for all the Dino Nuggets.

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