Boston’s Zdeno Chara has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Cross-checking Montreal’s Brendan Gallagher. [@NHLPlayerSafety]

“Upon further review, they did only estimate the driver’s speed and they did not record it or measure it on radar and laser as they indicated on the ticket,” said Gwen Wolansky, a county spokeswoman.

That's from the article. There was never a recording of the speed (even though the officer said he had recorded it).

Also, it is very clear from reading the article that the officer has some complex where they need to assert their authority where they have no business asserting it.

The officer was traveling below the speed limit, and the driver passed the vehicle, as he had a right to do. Upon pulling the person over, the officer said "that was pretty ballsy of you" and "it was disrespectful to pass me". The officer clearly has issues.

At the end of the day, the county dripped the fine and no one paid a penalty for going 1km/h over the limit

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