The British are wild

germany hasnt attempted to sweep under the rug the atrocities of their past, they instead make sure every german (and non german) is aware of what happened to prevent it from taking place again, and they've done a lot to try and atone for the sins of their ancestors.

the brits instead have focused on sweeping all their sins under the rug and make sure no one knows about them.

also WW2 was in the 40s, the brits tried to take the irish vote away in the 70s. You'd think by then europe would be done being absolute fucking cunts.

Besides, pretty much everyone in the west knows who the IRA were but thats pretty much all they know about the conflict. How many are aware it started because england tried to take the irish vote away? How many are aware there were terrorist organizations on the english side of that conflict too, organizations that still exist today, never disarmed themselves and still openly recruit members to their literal terrorist organizations?

how many are aware the brits purposely let their own citizens die to try and sway public opinion against IRA? the IRA called in to warn about bombs to give time to evacuate civilians, generally speaking the english would evacuate but sometimes they just let the people die because it would lower support of IRA.

i think history revision is bad regardless of who does it, the thing is that the germans arent revising their history, nor are people unaware of the atrocities IRA committed. however british atrocities people are very poorly informed about.

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