TJ was a wonderfully hypocritical man (Flags are french and Haiti for those who don't know)

Ah, yes. Being a pariah state for centuries based on your populations skin colour coupled with many, many violent foreign interventions and a slew of other geographic, economic, and resource scarcity related problems has nothing to do with how Haiti turned out. Those dumb slaves simply weren’t ready for freedom! “It wasn’t until 1825 the French showed up to demand money at gunpoint, they had a good 20 or so years before they were forced to pay enormous sums of protection money to their former overlord.” bro do you hear yourself? Jesus, and the best time for Haiti was apparently when America invaded and plundered them. Did a 20th century U.S expansionist make a time machine and come pay you to write this? Keep hand-waving away the effects of colonialism and neocolonialism and continue victim blaming, no doubt you’ll receive giga upvotes from the colonial apologists in this “historical” subreddit

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