Brother-in-law used name we were planning on going with. What do we do now?

I think even if you announced it they would have used it. They probably had the name picked out when they first got pregnant.

Be happy for them and don’t let this be something you get yourself to worked up about.

Apparently my mom stole my name so my aunt couldn’t use it with my cousin 4 months younger than me. But they had the name planned 4 years prior with my oldest brother(didn’t know gender) and my aunt never told them she like the name. It’s a VERY common name.

The way my aunt acts about it and making sly comments is annoying. Like to me it’s just a name who cares she could have named my cousin it. We barely see each other anyone.

I bet you will find a beautiful name regardless just don’t let this plant a seed of bitterness towards them.

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