BTS Crowd VS. BabyMetal Crowd on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Im insinuating things you didnt said mainly because you still 'didnt get it'. Foolish me as this is not the first time i encountered kpop fans and their, well.. i did say theyre in diiferent scene in case you missed it. Just like other comments here, its like comparing Drake and Iron Maiden(heavy metal band, not as popular as bts i guess, probably produce less quality stuff and probably not putting enough hard work than mighty bts) and yes bts is more popular but no theyre not better than Babymetal. Plenty of musician produces quality stuff but very much unknown. Popular doesnt equal quality. Hard choreo doesnt equal better. If thats the premise you based on, than one BM song have got more musical note and harder to play live than pre recorded bts song, does it mean BM produce better quality music than bts? Hard work? How do you know that? Have you got numbers/working hours on both group or whatever statistics you based on your assumptiin? I say it again, you like bts more and believe they produce high quality stuff than BM, its okay keep believing but for a BM fans like me, no, they dont. Cheers :)

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