The Bureau vs Mobs

Kiwion I for one think you have some great Admins, i even respect and enjoy their RP. Wishii is by far my favorite (sorry guys), But you eluded to the problem yourself it's the perception that is being used by some RP's some of them streamers. I am sorry there are so few admins and the crap is being laid at their feet they dont deserve it. But here is a question what is the actual count of RP's to Admins and you keep whitelisting more, this seems to feed into the reasons the admins are way over worked. There is concern in the minds for not only their subs and donators and lurkers, about good consistant RP. Sure there are a few RP's i don't care to watch but it is my decision not to watch. But increasingly they are around, i am forced to watch them interact with the stream, im watching or go to another stream. If i continiually have to leave a stream why should i throw money after a bad stream. Lets be serious about this money has a big hand in this and from what i have witenessed at time i have seen serious donations. now im not trying to be abusive or impertinat but if you have no computer and are bad at cell phones how is anybody supposed to get in touch with you? If i have a problem and call IT/Customer Service i expect to get some sort of help Right away if not within the near future. As for OOC people whine and you know it all of you new this going in when you Voluntered to be admins. I appreciate the Integrity you and the admins have but just because you feel it would be great RP is not a good enough excuse for poor prior planning. sorry Rant over.

I wish nothing but the best for all of you and on behalf of game players i offer my apology for our shitty attitudes. This is my humble opinion

Pura Vida

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