Man who ran over peaceful BLM protesters to give them an "an attitude adjustment" faces no prison, record expungement in three years

Ok, my original post in this thread was tongue-in-cheek. You literally pursued a mock-serious comment referencing a nearly 30-year old court case. Your self-righteousness caused you to do this.

your sides criminal actions

I don't have a side. I am self-interested. I merely comment to others what they must do in order to not be thought of as piece of shit in a society that should have higher cultural standards. This goes for fat, uneducated, confederate flag-waving MAGA people. This goes for mush-mouth, jive-talking, pants-below-ass militant BLM supporters. This goes for gender-confused, skinny white liberal SJW ratdogs nipping at the heels of people who actually made it in life.

I don't care about the qualities you can't change. But refusing to change things that are incongruent with civil society, while becoming more unruly in the backyard of someone who just wants to be left alone, is a recipe for conflict that the loud and proud types won't be able to handle come that time.

Q nutcases and unorganized, mil-sim trump supporters breaking into the capital is small potatoes. Your understanding of war is just so limited that you have no real frame of reference.

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