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Here is one example of a Samurai acting in a manner we would consider noble or honourable. Like any group of people they were a diverse group with different beliefs and opinions on what was honourable or necessary. Uesugi Kenshin could have cut off a supply line to an enemy but instead provided him with salt. Personally I find it odd that you would be willing to go to war with someone and kill their people and risk yours but not cut off a supply line to win but I can respect the sentiment none the less.

Although Shingen and Kenshin were rivals for more than fourteen years, they are known to have exchanged gifts a number of times, most famously when Shingen gave away a precious sword, which he valued greatly, to Kenshin. When Shingen died in 1573, Kenshin was said to have wept aloud at the loss of so worthy an adversary, and dismissed advice from his retainers to use the opportunity to attack as childish. Shingen, on his deathbed, commended Kenshin as an honourable warrior, and instructed his son to rely upon Kenshin. The two sides would become allies in 3 years[citation needed]. In addition, there was an incident when a number of other daimyo (including the Hōjō clan) boycotted salt supplies to Kai province. Kenshin heard of Shingen's problem with a daimyo of the Hōjō clan who refused to send rice to him. Kenshin secretly sent salt to the Takeda (salt was a precious commodity as it was used in preserving food) and wrote to his enemy, Shingen, that in his opinion, the Hōjō lord had committed a hostile act. Although he could have cut off Shingen's supplies and "lifeline", Kenshin decided not to do so because it would be dishonorable. In reflection, Kenshin made a statement "Wars are to be won with swords and spears, not with rice and salt." In this, Kenshin set a noble example for all time in his treatment of his rival Shingen. The statement is a common modern reference by peace advocates who in recognition of Kenshin state that "peace is to be achieved with rice and salt, not with swords and spears".[citation needed]

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