C-Band FCC early exception licenses granted (CA, CT, MA, MN, RI, TX)

You have a habit of cherry picking words and twisting them to suit your narrative, and you've done this to other users in this subreddit as well.

"This particular contribution was taken from an earlier iOS version, so it's possible that the carrier policy has been updated as of later OTAs (i.e. n261). You're free to contribute your own combinations to the site here: https://cacombos.com/contribute"

I never said n261 was disabled for T-Mobile, I said that in an earlier firmware release only n41 and n71 were enabled. Those logs came from day one release firmware and have most likely been updated since then.

It's your choice to ignore everything I've said, despite my extensive and thoughtful research on the topic.

What's the point in a discussion if you're not willing to consider new information?

Try to be a little more open minded.

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