The Camera sensors from Pixel 5 to 6a and P6 series.

Yes, they will compromise and use older generation Camera. All their P6P and P7P sensors are.

Main sensor 50mp ISOCELL GN1 from 2019 as their main sensor. 2023 still same 2019 sensor.

The Ultra wide take nice pics thanks to Tensor, but is a downgrade for me going from P5 107FOV 0.6x or even my fathers Note 20 Ultra does 120FOV and 0.5x. The Sony ultrawide takes amazing pictures when you base on how small the sensor is. You really get good ultra wide images as well for landscape shots.

The P6P debuted with the Samsung ISCCELL GN1 50mp pixel binned to 12.5mp.
A 2020 Note Ultra does this with 108mp. What about Sony and its IMX989 1" sensor at 50mp. If they can fit it in then right there Google will once again take its crown as best photo and video phone. No phone has the stabilization options. I love Cinematic Pan, which is half speed and mute but the camera in your hand is still like its on a tripod. No other phone company can do this. Then you have Heavy Movement, usually the standard stabilization is enough and it blows away Apple and Samsung and Xaomi.

I think Pixel 7 Pro will be one of the best phones of 2022 - 2023. Why they changed the sensor that goes into the Periscope is beyond me. The Sony IMX586 which is much much better then IMX686 and Sony admitted it, as it was a lemon situation. People can still buy the sensor from Sony however. The IMX586 48mp now just increase the zoom. Instead for no reasaon at all they change to Samsung GM1. I read a lot about this and although the GM1 is a 48mp sensor it does things differently from what I read.

You take a pic then through interolopation to 48mp. At the end you get lesser sensor for Periscope, unless they bring in 8x optical then I will trust them LOL, give us anything you want, we are not worthy.

Well see how this plays out. Please release Android 13 Stable this month. Your making it worse by working on it more and more and destroying working future while semi fixed nasty issues. You know once A13 is out it will have bugs galore. Overheating poor battery life and janky scrolling. The A12 was never on a stable release. Stupid A12 I ditched that after I saw my dummy phone Pixel 5 A13 Beta 2 and it takes your Material You to the next level. Os is great and fast. I see no difference in speed between Pixel 5 and Pixel 6, only sometimes.

The 6a is a beast at photos btw. Tensor is bringing that IMX363 out of a death wish.
This thing beats most now a days, flagship or midrange. I mean my P5 takes nice shots but sometimes it just cant hang due to poor light coming in and 12mp which means Google can only do much. This is why they went Custom Silicon so they have power over CPU and OS and Phone, all from Google. Well see. First step is we all get A13 Stable, although the A13 Beta 2 and to Beta 4.1 and now waiting for final end of August or September for sure. Then in October P7 series is introduced and what not.

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