can i hear positive stories/experiences with prozac?

I almost quit 3 weeks after starting because I felt that it was interfering with my job - I even posted about it here.

But I stuck with it, and began to function better. It helped me get through a lot of shit and just focus on working my ass off so that one day I might own... I guess a tiny flat in a run down building, despite 6 years of university and working at a masters level job.

I used some of the money I earned by doing extra shifts over Christmas to pay for a trip to Brazil for 2 weeks (extra motivation to work hard). Furthest I have ever travelled. I wouldn't have been able to do that If I was still depressed.

When I started Prozac, I was feeling absolutely empty inside. Like I may as well be dead because I have no future and will die alone.

20mg has kept me stable for the last 8 months and able to cope with day to day life. And for the first time ever, a colleague described me as "One of the calmest people I have worked with" - where previously I had the nervous energy of a cocaine smuggler who just felt the condom burst.

So in short, it's helping me to function as I grind and try and get my life together, and that's why I'm going to continue.

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