71% of the vaccinated found dead at home

I spent a lot of time arguing with people about vaccines and a variety of this question has still never received an answer.

Let’s just assume what they say is true at blind faith and it’s some government conspiracy. Why would they prioritize giving the vaccine to basically every high value contributor to society first? I’m talking doctors, teachers, world leaders, etc. what possible positive outcome could occur from the government trying to just straight up murder the vast majority of highest functioning members of society?

They don’t have reasons. They have never had reasons. It’s just wide spread confirmation bias that started from politicians who prioritized economy over vulnerable population before we had vaccines available. Politicians can’t just come out and say, sorry, sucks for all you peasants, you need to work through the plague. So instead you just undermine the danger of the disease. The trouble with that approach is that then you have people undermining safety measures because they truly think that the disease is of no consequence. They created this monster of ignorance and it’s up to the rest of society to deal with the outcome. It would be shocking if it wasn’t so precisely on brand for conservative policy.

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