Can someone explain their love for Puppet?

I'm only going to type this out once, because this is a comment I receive a lot but it doesn't bother me, and I don't want people to think that it bothers me. Really it kinda just makes me laugh to be honest.

This generation of music listeners is so... different. The fact that people care that I use the same synths so much. It gets people so heated! Listen to any other genre of music. Do you also get mad when your favorite jazz trio uses the same 3 instruments? Do you get mad when a viola quartet only uses violas? Do you call every song on a death cab for cutie album the same because they all have guitars and the same singer? haha it is just odd to me! No one expects the same level of innovation in any other genre. Its like the fans expect dance artists to completely relearn the craft every song. Why? I didn't get into music making to make weird new sounds. I got into it to make music. Writing melodies and bringing to life atmospheres is my passion. And I have found a certain set of sounds that works. I'm not gonna just throw it away! haha.

The fact that people call my music "nearly identical" COMPLETELY boggles my mind haha. Thats like saying two songs off a rock album are nearly identical just because they have the same band, even though the chord structure, rhythm, time signature, key, ect. can all be vastly different! The funniest to me is people who say scribble and answers sound the same. I made the chord progression in answers 6 bars long. Something I have NEVER heard before in dance music, but it went completely ignored because it has the same sound. It blows my mind!

If you arent a fan of my sound, no hard feelings! But if you think all my songs are the same... You might have to redefine your definition of "same" haha.

"Hey do you like my shirt" "didn't you wear that yesterday?" "No this one is different, see it has a zebra on it" "No it is the same, it has two sleeves, just like the rest of your shirts"

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