Can we stop shitposting screenshots of "toxic" comments?

At first when I saw this thread pop up I ignored it, I hoped it would be forgotten quickly. But I see now it has gotten more and more attention,which worried me. Is the community of reddit really turning into this? Dislike people who talk about toxicity?.. When I read OP it was exactly as I feared.. But then I saw your post, I felt such relief... I thought about upvoting the thread, just so more people would go here to read this post of yours, but I don't feel right about upvoting OP. I feel like reddit is a good place to talk about the toxicity people experienced and get some feedback from the community. It's actually quite helpful for them and us. Our average Joe who didn't experienced it might not want to be a douche like those he read about on reddit, so it is promoting a better environment for players in game and having the reddit community as a front figure for that sure would be neat. At any rate this community should reflect our experiences in the game, and it also brings more attention to the issue in the game. I cannot deny that all the posts I've read about the toxicity some people have experienced, including the toxicity I myself experienced that I now actively try keep a positive attitude throughout the whole game, and if when we end up losing rather than calling out names I say "At least we did our best :D" because let's be honest, almost no one tries to play bad on purpose. Some might do it out of anger after being provoked by someone who kept calling the person out, but then he was a victim and you could have stopped the accident, whether you were the provoker or the by stander who did nothing. You could have stopped things from spiral out of control. I've gotten so many friends lately just by staying positive through the entire game, saying stuff to cheer on my team. I know not all of them might be particularly good, but they do their best and we have a great time. Who would you rather listen to advice from? A friend who treat you nicely? Or a complete stranger who call you retard and hope you die from cancer? Our average Joe should know the answer.

Cheers :)

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