Canada Hood Map. Still not 100% complete and im sure some info is outdated or wrong or whatever but over time and with everyones input it'll be more and more accurate. but for now its better than the old hood map. if anyone has anymore info or if i got sum wrong lmk and ill change it

lmao u clearly dont know much bout canada and organized crime here if u think toronto more active than montreal or winnipeg. toronto has more going on and more brazen dumb shit cause its a giant city. but if u dont know what goes on in montreal and winnipeg then i cant help u kid lmao i gurantee ur a skinny white boy with glasses thats on reddit saying the n word. i took a quick look at ur acc and all the posts u make are about travis scott gunna 21 savage and bullshit mainstream rappers that the skinny ass "ragers" listen to so im done with u fam. i made the map to bring awareness to the areas of canada that aint got nun going for them so that the kids into street rap can get into rappers and shit from those areas. not to sit and argue with lil white kids from the suburbs than listen to travis scott thinking theyre hood

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