Why is capitalism considered so bad?

So the billions living in poverty is acceptable to you?

What billions living in poverty? There're numerous researches done that show that the extreme poverty rates only decreased from 200 years past to now. Take a look in some of this graphs. It's a well know fact that our lives are much better now than 20-30 years ago. And most of that it's thanks to the framework the capitalism allows.

And why should i allow that?

Why should you have a say on what two consenting adults decided to voluntary do together? It's simple a matter of individual freedom, something that socialism clearly doesn't seen to care.

You sent a link to a news report on inflation, that's a totally different topic, one that i'm not really to informed because i'm not from the US. But from what it seens the inflation was a consequence of a necessary measures of influx of money in the country because of covid, without this investments things might be actually worse.

And supposedly libertarian capitalist countries make this harder how?

My point was about how socialism lead to authoritarian governments and this lead to a corrupt leadership of the country, where the leaders or the party are the only ones who benefit truly from this system while the rest of the people live in poverty.

Not saying that doesn't exist corruption in other types of governments, but in socialism it seens to always go this path.

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