Caught the gas station trying to rip me off (Cash back scam)

Funny, there is a privately owned BP near my house that everyone I know completely avoids for all the little scams they pull.

First, if you go there late, you will always end up with more then you bought. I came home once with a pack of cherry cigars, I don't even smoke. Looked at my receipt and sure enough, $2.99 for cherry cigars. They will have sales then when they ring you up the sale is never registered.

Of the ~10 times I went there before I boycotted the place 8 times they added something to my purchase. It got to the point where it was almost comical, and I returned almost all of them. It is never anything big, and it's always there, but something I didn't buy somehow was on my receipt and in my bag. And after talking to friends and family about the place everyone had very similar experiences. I called the State Attorney General and made a complaint, but I don't know what ever came of it.

Oh, and they like to give you change in CAD. Most people will never even notice, and if they do they won't even care. But if you give out $200 in change a day, and you can buy that change for $150, that's $50 'skimmed' every single day, or well over $3,000 a year just by giving out foreign change.

It's amazing how these business owners just think it's OK to to cheat people out of a buck here and a buck there. And how most people don't really care or even notice when they are cheated. And how there is almost no accountability when it happens. I mean, how do you prove that they acted maliciously? How much trouble is it worth to call them out and make them accountable for putting a Snickers bar in your bag and charging you for it?

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