Check out the tour video of Camelot server. Great times waiting for you with in-game currency system, laborer's guild, GM-assisted trade and crafting. See us in /r/LiFServers

SERVER GM UPDATE: SynGaming has a great server we'd love to have you come join. We are "meta-modded" in that we've modified the general ruleset of the game, but in most cases have not made significant modifications to the mechanics. All details are available at Some specific details: In-game currency with a limited amount of currency total. Our goal is 100% player-driven economy (except those items not available through in-game methods). First created character spawns with a small pouch of in-game currency. Efficient land claim system Hopefully we get some official system by New Years - but it's not yet implemented so our homebrew system is still worthwhile! Public-works projects used as a method to disperse currency fairly! Work hard and get paid. Regular contests, events and tournaments! We've had a melee combat tournament and a fantastic archery tournament and several "small" quests - like a buried treasure and a bandit attacking a small trade caravan (yet to be found by players at the time of this writing). One full PVE town Market City comprises a ton of space, with lots of facilities, buildings, landscaping and beautiful GM-built (50Q) areas to work. PVE players can become a full MERCHANT sponsored and assisted by the GMs to trade between player factions. GM assisted trade Currently, an order placement and fulfillment system exists via Google Docs, providing a trade-value guideline for our in-game currency based economy. Admins or player factions use this system to trade. Neutral PVE area to trade in as well, for safety (safety is NOT guaranteed outside the walls). Awesome, NON-PLAYER GMs. Every GM on the SynGaming staff is unassociated to any groups playing on the server, and may not have a player character. Our goal is fair use of the GM powers that leak into gameplay. Players in many timezones We've got all the US timezones, UK, Hungary, Australia, Germany are all represented on our server.

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