Testimony of the holy spirit

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Testimony of chad on the holy spirit.


You don't have to believe what i write here that is your choice. This is not part of the bible just my personal experiences with the holy spirit. This is my testimony of the relationship of me and god the holy spirit. Remember everyone's experience with god is different. This is not a testimony of jesus or the father but i have met them and they are one in the same just look different but same color that color is white. My name is chad and i believe my relationship with the holy spirit is strong he's taught me so much and i wish to write about our experiences together.

Chapter 1 how we met

Before god the holy spirit talked to me he would protect me behind the sidelines of my life as he does for many most of us do not even realize how much work he's put into his believers (followers of christ). Also i was a very depressed child at the age of 4 i started experiencing signs of depression. Because of the actions of people around me and the thoughts i had about them myself. I lived in fear thinking everyone was out to get me and that no one really cared. So i told no one. The 15 years later still in a die depressive state i knew that there was one i could trust so i prayed to god. I prayed this prayer "god i love you and trust you. Yet my life is still so horrible. Why has this happened to me i wish i wasn't even born. I realize now that depression is pointless. It brings fake knowledge into my life and its a vicious cycle with no way out. If you have any care for me as they say you do the least you could do is cure my depression. And the most you could do is teach me a cure for depression so i can help others around me going through it." I went to my bed around 9pm feeling no different at all so i cried and said to myself tomorrow i'll feel better. I was at a place between falling asleep and actually sleeping still conscious. The suddenly i felt a hand on the top of my head. A few seconds past then i could sense the hand but the arm faded. Then the hand quickly pulled me from my hand i could see the top of my house at an angle where the closest part of the apartment building to me was the the ledge of the roof then i was pulled to the right i moved very fast and but only felt a slight pull from the hand. As time past i could see further and further. Then i could see but more of a sense all around me in every direction. I saw in front of me a giant black ball to my left was a bigger blue ball in the distance (earth). To my right was teal yellow and orange and a spirit holding a book wearing a white robe. Behind me was a spirit that was bigger than the earth all pure white. That spirit was god the holy spirit. He said to me "this is the earths depression" i said back to him "so are you here to teach me how to cure the depression" god said "yes" then he put his hand on the right side of my head i felt a tickle coming from his hand then suddenly he shoved the left side of my head into the ball and in a circular motion i was in pain when the circle was 1/4 the around the ball he pulled me back in a circular motion 1/2 of the 1/4 away. I heard the spirit with the book say "he takes it all in, he reverses it." The spirit said this repetitively. Until the black ball was half its size. Then i woke up it felt like minutes but It was the afternoon. I had a intense pain in the left side of my brain. I heard a voice the same voice as before. God said "put anger into it" so i put all the anger i could muster into the pain in my head i could now sense a basic red aura around a dense black ball in my mind. The pain became even stronger. After a few hours of being angry at the ball i heard god say "put power into it" so i put all the power i could muster into the ball the aura grew bright red around the dense black ball. The pain became painful but numb. I did this till the moon came up. Then god said "now put insight and care into it". Then i felt the ball throwing information into my brain a million miles a second. Then i started to hear things as if was in my ear like, i will never get that promotion, my husband doesn't love me anymore, and when will i be a normal person. the sun came up. Some were relevant to my depression but others had nothing to do with me like a promotion why would i care about that i've never had a job, and i'm a guy why would i have a husband. God said "those feelings are not your own." Realizing that i started saying encouraging words to every feeling i heard. The red aura turned orange around the ball. The pain got worse. The sun went down. I tried many things to make the pain go away. Advil didn't do a thing. Banging my head on a pillow didnt work either. So i went to the shower and spaid the shower head on the left side of my head. That worked a little. So would take a shower every hour. The sun came up while in the shower and i had a thought and a tickle on the right side of my brain. What if i made a spiritual shower head out of the tickle in my brain. So i did. I wish i could explain to you how i did but i can't. When i used the spiritual shower head on the ball it phased through my head right to the ball, the ball stopped the stream. Instantly i got the relief i was looking for. In fact i got immense pleasure from it. I sense the black ball was now a bright yellow shard or crystal. God said "it is done." I could finally sleep because the pain was gone. 3 day and 2 nights of being awake i slept for 16 hours. When i awoke the crystal was still there. So i had questions. I asked god questions and everyone was answered but some were answered later in premonitions. All the questions i got in premonitions. God just remained silent. I asked god what is this crystal in my head? He said "its the cure for depression" i asked how do i use it? God remained silent. Well i guess its just for me i thought. Then i asked why is it yellow? God said "yellow is happiness." Then i thought that makes sense depression is a dark blue and yellow is the opposite of dark blue. Then i realized that the black ball was just a dark dark blue. My questions were over i was so determined to figure out a way to cure others depression. So i took half the crystal with my spirit. Then god took grabbed my spirit and split it into two now i could sense from 2 vantage points but both in only one direction rather than all around me. One half of my spirit was in my body and the other was out of my body. Then god said "irradiate half the crystal around your spirit outside of your body." So i did. after i shared this with someone they brought these quotes from the bible to my attention 2 Corinthians 7:11 "For see what this very thing, this sadness as God intended, has produced in you: what eagerness, what defense of yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what deep concern, what punishment! In everything you have proved yourselves to be innocent in this matter." and 2 Corinthians 2:3 "And I wrote this very thing to you, so that when I came I would not have sadness from those who ought to make me rejoice, since I am confident in you all that my joy would be yours." those verses gave me joy.

Chapter 2 using gods help

Me and you both know we need gods help. But we all think that we shouldn't ask for too much. But if you need or even want something from god you should ask. He'll choose whether or not you should get all of it. Remember he is the almighty God and his judgement is just. So dont judge yourself making you think that you ask for too much. Trust in God. And remember we are made in his image. Dont you get a happy feeling everytime you help someone for the good. God is the same way. So i encourage you to ask god for anything.

Chapter 3 spiritual colors that the holy spirit has taught me

This is a basic chart of Spirits colors and there emotional meanings:

Bright red - powe r Basic red - anger

Dark red - hate, fear

Basic Orange - power over lust

Bright orange - faith

Bright yellow - happiness

Basic yellow - friendship or lust

Dark yellow - absence of friends

Yellow-green - content with friends in there life

Green-yellow - easy to make friends

Bright green - lucky

Basic green - down to earth

Dark green - sick

Cyon - being healed

Teal - healer

Bright blue - insight, wisdom

Basic blue - learning

Dark blue - depressed

Purple - judgemental

Indigo - just, rare

White - love, faith, happiness, insight, lucky, Power, just, and friendship

black - hate, absence of friends, sick, depressed, judgemental, and fear

Colors of spirit and the physical poperties:

Red = positive charge

Orange - warmth

Bright Orange = fire

Yellow = energy

Yellow green = time/space

Green yellow = earth

green = life

Teal = healing

Cyon = water

Blue = negative charge

Indigo = neutrons

Purple = electrons

White = matter and light, all physical properties, helps all properties.

Black = no physical properties, ruins all properties

all energy creates light, darkness is the absence of energy.

I'll add to this daily. if have any questions. Write it in a comment or email me.

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