Pyosik speaks about whether or not stage nerves affect Team Liquid: "There were definitely nerves. For me, I was actually more nervous than the World Finals match for my first LCS game."

W-wha...? How is that in any way remotely racist? It's based off of everything we know that's established within culture and language and what defines them.

If I went to Mexico and met a fully Mexican dude born and raised in Mexico to 100% Mexican parents/family and his name happened to be "Jae-hyun", that would turn heads and spark peculiar reactions due to the pure randomness of it. It's unexpected and goes against naming conventions of today for specific regions.

I'm not saying I would make fun of it in an insulting way. It would just be so outside of the norm and anomalous that coping with it under the pretense of humor would probably be my first response before I even knew whether or not it was considered "racist" or not.

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