Christian and Contradictory Scientific Theories

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obviously if Christianity were true you still wouldn't be a Christian. I don't have time to keep this up and you continue to keep adding on point after point, cherry picking versus to make your claim sound better.

I guess you aren't a true atheist like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, who don't believe in free will and think that morality is just a preference. Your using the Bible to support your beliefs.

Uhhhh...because they are an entirely different species (homo neanderthalensis) than humans (homo sapien).

There are different species of tiger but they're still fucking tigers. A bloodhound and a German Shepherd are still dogs. Useless labels don't make it different.

And our genome is over 98% identical to chimpanzees. Does that mean that chimpanzees are simply forest-dwelling man?

No, because monkeys are completely different species. We share 60% of our genomes with bananas so does that make me almost half banana.

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