Clint Eastwood says his film 'American Sniper' Makes ‘Biggest Antiwar Statement’ of All

Oh, nice personal insults (my advisor is one of the most widely published experts in the realm of Psychopathy, I think my degree is safe).

Ok, lets unpack this, starting with the very first sentence:

Psychopathy and sociopathy are anti-social personality disorders.

This literally makes no sense if you have a working knowledge of the DSM. The author is attempting to make it sound like anti-social personality disorders is a class of diseases. Its not. There are personality disorders, which refer to a very specific class of diagnoses, none of which include Psychopath or Sociopathy (in fact, Psychopathy isn't something that can be diagnosed via the DSM at all, despite Hare attempting to get it into the latest revision).

So there is no such thing as anti-social personality disorders. What in the hell could they be talking about? They apparently are conflating sociopath/psychpathy with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), which is something in the DSM; people make this mistake all the time but they are not the same thing: You can be a psychopath and not have ASPD (see the prototypical politician), and you can have ASPD and not be a psychopath. To quote one of my favorite articles on this topic, (Berg, J. M., Smith, S. F., Watts, A. L., Ammirati, R., Green, S. E., & Lilienfeld, S. O. (2013). Misconceptions regarding psychopathic personality: implications for clinical practice and research. Neuropsychiatry, 3(1), 63–74. doi:10.2217/npy.12.69:)

Psychopathy should not be confused with antisocial personality disorder, although these conditions overlap; the former is a largely personality-based condition, the latter a largely behavior-based condition.

So already, your source has lost all credibility.

So is there a credible source that can address sociopath and psychopathy? Of course there is! That same source I just quoted addresses this as well.

Partridge coined the term ‘sociopathy’ to underscore what he believed to be the environ­ mental etiology of the disorder [35]. Today, some authors refer to psychopathy and socio­ pathy as equivalent, whereas others reserve the former term for a pattern of antisocial behavior produced primarily by genetic factors and the latter term for a pattern of antisocial behavior produced primarily by social disadvantage [17]. Still, others use the term sociopathy to designate a condition, such as ASPD, marked by chronic antisocial behavior [36,37]. Nevertheless, socio­ pathy is not a formal psychiatric or psycho­ logical term, and its indiscriminate use appears to have engendered little more than conceptual confusion.

So yes, you can find some authors that still make this distinction but they are few and far between. And regardless, no one uses sociopathy in any clinical context. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any journal articles published in the last 10-15 years that even use the word sociopath at all (Ive tried).

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