Ari Aster, Joaquin Phoenix Unveil the Sometimes Scary, Frequently Funny, Deeply Weird Three-Hour ‘Beau Is Afraid’ at Surprise Screening

My friend and I went to a theater in a pretty shitty area at like 11:00pm on a Friday to see midsommar. We got absolutely blitzed before we went in. everyone in the theater was so fucked up that it made for the most enjoyable experience I've ever had at a movie theater. The girl in front of us was so fucked up she tripped walking down the stairs and landed on her ass, and everyone was dying laughing and making jokes when the uh, orgy scene took place. I remember when the old man jumped off the cliff my friend and I were dying laughing because of the ridiculousness of it. Dude just jumped right after the first lady. I don't know why we found it so hilarious, it was just so out there and we were high as hell.

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