Commission art of a character, paying with gold?

Lately I have been playing Fortnite PVE and I bought a deluxe edition that comes with a free game key ($40)

I just came back to WoW after an 8 year break and am hoping to trade my game key + boosted starter gun drops for WoW gold.

Is this going to be practical? Can I trust an eager buyer after a discord chat etc? I know this is probably against TOS and I have no recourse if I get scammed.

Is this even going to be worth the hassle? If you were willing to violate TOS to do this how would you go about it?

I put myself in a long-time WoW players shoes with mass gold and I would rather have a new PVE game over a cosmetic mount.

I am just looking for all of your perspective on this trade as an idea in general.

I was also thinking if it is practical to ask 300k since a $20 WoW token is selling for 170k.

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