Confusion over IQ test and SAT results

I don't know about the school tests. My friends and I all scored the same, within four points. It was a big drop from my test as a child in the psychologist office - but it was also unlikely that four close friends in a rural town could all score in the high 130s, low 140s (115 or 120 was the threshold for AG). I remember being in the room with my friends, not taking the test seriously, snorting at them while we finished this section or that - another friend trying to finish before the rest of us and getting a score that was 20 points below ours.

The SAT score counted as a Mensa requirement because the test was different - lots of analogies (similar to Miller Analogy Test, also a requirement for Mensa) and sentence completions, lot of beating the test or figuring out puzzling questions versus just knowing your math or English. When grammar came into the SAT, Mensa stopped accepting those scores. Your mom's score could roughly equate to a high 1400, low 1500 - but again, not really since she wasn't being tested on grammar and was being tested on vocab and trick problems.

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