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I personally don't get sick of any circlejerks. Each day is a new set of hands on my glorious cock. It doesn't really matter to me as long as I cum when the jerk is over. I hate being blue-balled. Who doesn't? Well, girls (which I am btw) I guess. Is there a term for female blue-balls? Anyone know? I do however get sick of unfunny, uncreative hacks that post the lamest shit on the sub. I guess I hate myself in a way.

While there often times is unfunny drivel posted on the sub (read: most of the time), there is occasionally a true gem that makes me chortle. It's like that heroin addict that is constantly going for that highest high, but settles for whatever they can get. OK, it's nothing like that at all. I'm not even sure where I was going with that. I think I need to get high. Not heroin or anything, just weed. It sucks. I moved out to San Diego and I'm living with my brother and his wife right now while I get on my feet. Anyway, they are hardcore Christians and my agnostic ass is doing my best not to cause a riff in the apartment, so I am not smoking. If anyone in San Diego reads this and wants to smoke me out, hit me up with a message. I digress. To answer your question about what brings me to CJ, it's /u/Kesha_Paul I've become a vegan while on a quest to become a better person; am I better? Only in my individual talents and knowledges- am I more moral? Yes- certainly I am, when I choose to inflict less suffering onto others. So in the regards to morality, yes, I have a much better disposition than the vast majority of others. You're probably willing to see a human murderer, rapist, thief or slaver as being less than another person- but when it comes to another animal, who fundamentally possesses the same conscious experience as you, your most valued possession, you somehow don't think that makes you less? You might have political I'm not as smart as everyone told me I was when I was a kid. I'm very flawed and probably annoy people more than I realize. My 'deep thoughts' are probably not very profound, and have likely been thought of by most of you, and countless others before i was even born. I'm average or very slightly above average at best and will probably not be rich, a leader, or able to change anything significant about the world before I die, which will likely be earlier than most due to the numerous diseases that run on both sides of my family. It will also likely be painful because at 30 my gout has already become difficult to control. Sometimes I think about how useless I would be if there was ever a serious economic collapse, because I couldn't get the medicines I need to take a lot of in order to not feel crippling pain. I would be essentially blind too because I couldn't get the strong glasses I need to see. Maybe it wouldn't even take a collapse, maybe all it would take is me losing my job. What if the pain in my foot is too much to get things done for a few weeks, that could mean the end of my job and health insurance. The large creative project I've been involved with for around a couple years now may not be a great success, and may turn out to be a flop. The stories I've been told since I was young about the 'big' things in life (nation, God, human behavior, ethics...) are either lies that people tell each other for comfort or control, or blurred and confused misconceptions tainted by the fun-house mirror lens humanity views the universe through. I guess terrifying may not be the right word, but the above thoughts are the ones that bother me the most when I think about the precarious nature of my future. I don't think about this stuff all the time, and I try not to bum people out with my fears, but hey, you asked what scared me. These are the things that run through my head at night when I'm alone and worried.correctness on your side, however from an objective moral perspective what you believe in is abominable! You would never wish any of the tragedies, that you choose to believe is acceptable to inflict onto conscious animals, onto somebody that you love. Love and joy are more meaningful than talent or knowledge, or prestige. Humans have great potential to do good in the world, but with their great potential they have an equal capacity to be fools, and to commit to evil. Human civilization is hardly concerned with humanity; for time immemorial humans have raped, murdered, enslaved, stolen from and even eaten one another. In all honesty, humanity has never been very concerned with humanity, as our evolution has been shaped by weapons more powerful than ourselves which we are capable of forging and wielding- it is awfully convenient for you if you choose to believe that we don't commit these atrocities to humans out of respect for them, despite that humanity has had an incredibly detrimental effect on the state of humanity, all other life and the ecology of the planet, rather than for the reason of fear and punishment. I eat almost exclusively food that was grown in my country to avoid supporting human rights crimes, and I stopped paying for animal products because I don't believe that an animals life is only as valuable as much as it serves a purpose to my vanity and therefor I would be willing to vicariously have that animal raped to breed it for genetic qualities that are to the defect of the animal and benefit of myself, and to have its child taken away from it, and then its product stolen for me, and then to have it murdered so that I can consume its flesh. I sincerely value my conscious experience, and that is why I am willing to extend my mercy to all others, and to cease being a force of violence and oppression in the world. I also have a symbolic perspective on life, and therefor as I would not want to be tranquilized and then murdered, or raped, I would not even wish a non-mutual but painless death on another, nor would I choose to eat their bodies, especially when they are incapable of providing consent. Morality is a product of the mind and thus the mind must be reserved for moral concern- as a conscious, intelligent being, it is my responsibility to adhere as closely to morality, or mutuality, as I can, and I also realize the importance of selflessness in the context of any greater purpose than myself. If we allow power to define morality, while ignoring the truths of our mutual experience of life, then morality only stops at the most powerful weapon, with the most powerful leader, with the most powerful belief. That has been the driving force behind conquests, wars and genocides all throughout the history of humanity- just as wild animals fight for territory among each other, so as well do human beings. That, is not a belief that I am willing to accept is virtuous or indicative of the quality of better moral value. DAE think /r/circlejerk is becoming a massive circlejerk?\

Yeah, I probably do.

Hillary has had baggage ever since she had the audacity to push for health care in 1990s. The Republicans haven't left her alone since, and year after year after year they find something new to tear her down over. They even admitted it was pretty much to take her down. No way they meant to really imprison her or really think she broke the law, they just hate her. And when liberal Sanders supporters use GOP talking points to go against her, it makes me mad. It's not liberal. It's using conservative talking points to help a conservative player to bash a fellow liberal. It is double standards and you can't justify it no matter how hard you try. Hillary has kept her promise of debating Sanders until this month, when she backed out. They agreed to debates where details will be negotiated later, the details involving Fox News a Republican news source notorious for bashing Hillary is not acceptable. But Sanders is a liberal, he should know that. It's clickbait, truly, because if people around the world, notably the guy from Fox News, truly hacked in, she would've been imprisoned by now. Those people are shown to have nothing, no new source or information from the emails. Doesn't matter if they didn't run, if Hillary broke the law, so did they. Or are only presidential candidates liable to the law and not people in their past positions? Double standard. Admit it, it's a double standard, let's not try to justify it when it is what it is. And the Fascist bigot I'm referring to is Trump. Who else? Of course I'm mad, people are irrational. If people can be irrational, I'm within my right to be angry as long as I don't shoot someone. Yo fam im new!!!!!!! holds up mixtape my name is Daquan but u can call me t3h N1GgA oF d00m!!!!!!!! bruh…as u can see im a real savage. thats why i came here, 2 meet

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