You can't spell "REPUBLICAN" without "DEVIL".

It wasn't even a finished album. A couple of the guys forced it out as a last cash grab knowing the band was breaking up. Most of the material was takes from the white album sessions. Funny enough while people love The White Album it's not really much of a Beatles record at all, and more of a bunch of half finished solo material tossed together. George Martin thought the album to be a massive waste. He said it was two epic albums worth of material that was 1/4 finished and then crammed into a double album and sold before the material was ever brought to full life. You can hear how much the band hated each other in the recordings. As far as Let It Be goes, it's not a real Beatles album. The last album they really recorded was Abbey Road, and the quality of that album is a reflection of the bands knowing it was their last real album and the first one they'd worked on whole heartedly as a group since Sgt. Peppers. Paul basically forced the others through Mystery Tour, which they all pretty much hated doing and which became the catalyst for the raw animosity between the group you can hear in the white album recording sessions.

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