I should be allowed to dislike people for no reason

Apparently, it’s bad for me to dislike people for no reason at all. I said this in a previous post but that got removed because it wasn’t an opinion so reworded it because it’s definitely unpopular and definitely an opinion.

So, basically the title. Everyone I know says it’s bad for me to just decide I don’t like someone without ever formally meeting them or talking to them. However, I really don’t get why. If I dislike someone, then I just don’t like them—and of course I will give them a chance if they would want to be friends, but I shouldn’t have to give a reason for not liking someone. Maybe I have a bad vibe. Maybe something is just off about them. No matter what, I can make up my mind about someone without meeting them. And, I can change it later when they change my mind.

I also wouldn’t go around shitting on that person behind their back. I would just stay away from them if I don’t like them.

Obviously, opinions change, especially about people. And I’m not going to shut myself out of changing my mind because I know people can change too.

But there’s no reason I should have to dislike someone for a reason.

That being said, I treat everyone with the same level of respect (please remember that liking someone and respecting someone are two different things here) until they do something to lose that respect.

Edit: I should have clarified this earlier, but by “I should” I mean “It should be socially acceptable”

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